Kick 2 Distributor Lost 21 Lakhs in Hyderabad!


Kick-2-Censor-ReportWell, ‘Kick 2’ distributor Vasudeva Rao lost 21 Lakhs yesterday in Hyderabad. Do not interpret or interlink this with the film’s Box Office run. The issue is purely personal because Vasudeva Rao’s car driver allegedly flew with Skoda car and Rs.21 Lakhs cash kept in the same car. All this happened yesterday morning when Vasudeva Rao went to a Banjara Hills office from his residence in Suchithra.

The distributor ordered driver to keep waiting in car till he comes back. After few minutes when Vasudeva Rao returned, he could neither trace the car nor the cash. The driver disappeared both with car and cash. In helpless situation, ‘Kick 2’ distributor ran to Banjara Hills Police station and filed the case. Meanwhile, Inspector Murali Krishna is handling the case searching for the missing driver.

‘Kick 2’ arrived in theaters yesterday across the world has opened to decent collections and mixed reviews. However, there is no big film in market for coming weeks to compete with ‘Kick2’ which could prove favorable for a long run.