Having Kids is a 20-Year-Old Project: Upasana


upasanaIt’s been 5 Years since Ram Charan & Upasana got married. Fans have been eagerly waiting to hear a good news from them since so long.

When quizzed about it, Upasana replied: ‘For us, Having Kids is a 20-Year-Old Project. We need to be completely aware of the circumstances. When our kids reach the age of 20, We should feel proud that they have been raised in a right manner. Yes, We will have have kids at the right time’.

Upasana claims she is the biggest fan of Ram Charan. She is all praise for way her Husband gives importance to simple things in life. ‘Mr.C doesn’t hesitate to praise anyone if people does something good. The other day, He appreciated our cook for doing a fine job and she hardly had any clue how to react. Charan involves himself in household chores & even buys clothes for family members once in a while. Sometimes, He takes care of Me when I return from Office. These simple things matter the most He is such a sweet person’.