Kids Crying After Watching Baahubali


Baahubali-kid-posterBaahubali, The Beginning, became a legend in time as it stormed into the mighty 500 crore club within a record time. That’s the biggest grossing ever for a South Indian film and it’s records are known to everyone. Majority of the film’s success credit goes to family audiences who are watching the film repeatedly with their kids. Do you how their kids are feeling after watching this magnum opus? They are crying. Yes, they are.

Rajamouli has delivered a complete family package with “Baahubali” as he has carved out scenes and sequences for all age groups. Most interestingly, Kids are enjoying the scenes featuring Sivudu character in the first half while Kalakeya battle is their next favourite. For them it looks like a war video-game on xbox or Playstation where hero enters villains web and kills him finally. But after watching the climax, they are able to understand that the film is still pending and they have to watch Baahubali 2 aka Baahubali: The Conclusion for knowing the rest of story. These kids are said to forcing their parents to take them to Baahubali 2 also.

Though parents are trying to convince them that the second part hasn’t released, kids are in no mood to listen and they are crying non-stop. This is a situation which Rajamouli would have also not anticipated. With kids and families so connected to Baahubali ending and waiting for the Kattappa twist to unfold, no doubt Baahubali 2 is going to become another 500 crore spinner. A 1000 crore Baahubali franchise, wow that’s herculean big!!