Its Kirrak Party After Happy Days


Kirrak Party is set to hit screens on March 16th. Nikhil is busy promoting the film. In an exclusive interview, the Kirrak hero shared interesting snippets about the movie and his personal life.

Though it’s a remake, Kirrak party being an interesting project with a message and adequate entertainment, we choose to deliver it to wider audience. Its nostalgia, took me back to my college days. I have enjoyed doing this film. Nevertheless, it’s a campus drama but the story is quite different from ‘Happy Days’. Only common point is that Kirrak Party is also set on college back drop,” said Nikhil.

Further he added, “Though there are many directors we choose to go with the debut director Sharan Koppisetty as we believed in him. He made the movie with his heart and soul. You will thoroughly enjoy while watching it on screen. My special bow to Sharan the way he handled the project. Sudheer Varma and Chandoo Mondeti contributed gripping screenplay and dialogues being successful directors.”

Samyukta Hegde and Simran Paranjee are pairing Nikhil. “After extensive search for heroines we felt Samyukta alone can do justice for the role. Simran is a Punjabi. We were impressed with her auditions and couldn’t imagine any other girl in that role.”

Kirrak Party is produced by Rambrahmam Sunkara on AK Entertainments. The film is made on lavish canvas with great production and technical values. Soulful music of Ajneesh Loknath will haunt you.

It can be called a youthful mass entertainer. It is a transformation of a boy into a student leader. Teens and college students would relate to it easily. Like actors in Baahubali and Dangal, Nikhil too has beefed up to look macho for the role. He had to gain and lose 10 kgs of weight to appear in contrast looks in the film.