Kona Venkat 10 Crs Defamation Case on Vytla?!


Kona-Venkat-and-sreenu-VytlThe old rivalry between Srinu Vytla and Kona Venkat is back at its dirtiest. All those efforts from Ram charan to patch up between these two for ‘Bruce Lee’ have been drained into Naala ever since this film is declared a clear disaster incurring huge losses to producer and buyers. While Srinu Vytla’s wife Roopa Vytla filed harassment charges in Banjara Hills Police station against her husband, here comes one more shocker for this talented director.

Latest buzz in media circles says that, writer Kona Venkat is consulting High Court advocates to file a defamation case against director Srinu Vytla suing up to 10 Crores for using his name in ‘Bruce Lee’ story credits. Kona strongly believes that, Vytla completely changed the original script provided by him and for that reason, Vytla cannot use Kona’s name in title cards.

‘He demands a public apology and 10 Crores monetary compensation for ruining the name,’ a source close to Kona is said to have quoted. Thanks that, producer DVV Danayya is also standing besides Kona as a support because he too feels cheated in hands of Vytla for editing the script without permission. Kona is also playing with the idea of uploading ‘Bruce Lee’ original script on-line so that audience will get aware on Vytla’s egoistic politics.