Kona Venkat Raped Me: Sri Reddy


Sri Reddy began making sensation allegations ever since she appeared before media. In the past few days, She began revealing evidence to make people believe how aspiring actresses have been exploited in the Industry. Even National Media Houses covered her episode after she protested in a semi-nude manner in front of Movie Artist Association (MAA) Office.

A day after leaking intimate pictures with Daggubati Abhiram, Sri Reddy alleged Kona Writer is one of those film celebs who had sexually exploited her. She revealed that the Star Writer invited her to his Guest House located on the back side of the burial ground at Jubilee Hills Road No.12. ‘Kona Venkat told Me that story sittings with VV Vinayak happens in that guest house. After I went to the guest house, He asked Me if I am used to drinking alcohol. He made Me drink forcibly though I conveyed to him that I don’t have such a habit. Then, He raped Me and I could prove it with the messages exchanged between us. I have decided to teach a lesson to such people legally. These things will come out during the police investigation,’ she said.

Reacting to the allegation of Abhiram that she chalked out a conspiracy to become Daggubati Bahu, Sri Reddy said: ‘I wouldn’t pardon that Dog even if Police and Court appeal Me to spare him. Don’t even want to see his face again. I have no such intentions’.