Kona Venkat Shocking Comments On Heroes


We are all well aware of the war between Pawan Kalyan fans and film critic Mahesh Kathi. Few weeks ago, Kona Venkat intervened and setteled the issue on a media channel. The writer also expressed his happiness after that social media. At present, the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh hits the boiling point and fighting for the special category status. All the political parties are making some serious comments on each other regarding the issue and even some of the film personalities are making statements on this issue.

Now a few hours ago, Kona Venkat made some remarks on Tollywood actors, who are blaming some particular politicians. He tweeted as, “Some actors from r film industry, started speculating some political theories which are sounding very cinematic and stupid… I appreciate them if they r more practical in their thinking… Instead of attacking geniune leaders, Pl focus on people and their problems brother !!”

People are saying that Kona made these remarks indirectly on Shivaji for his recent comments on Pawan Kalyan.