Krish Goes Anti-Clock To Rajamouli


Krish-Goes-Anti-Clock-To-RaSouth Indian talents especially Telugu directors and writers are shining bright in pan India and of course world cinema trade markets. Writer Vijayendra Prasad played paramount part in delivering industry blockbusters like Bajarangi Bhaijaan and Baahubali 1, 2. Nevertheless, SS Rajamouli made Indian flag to flutter on foreign skies.

Following in the same line, director Krish is spiraling a Baahubalian anti-clock wise marketing strategy for up-coming Manikarnika, biography of Rani Jhasi Laxmi Bhai starring Kangna Ranaut in the title lead and Vijayendra Prasad is the writer.

Kangna is a star in North Indian film circles and Manikarnika basically is made as a Hindi movie. So, plain promotions attracting Hindi audience can do the trick in its North Indian business. Where Krish has to differ Manikarnika from Baahubali is, he needs to plan special publicity master plans to sell the film in South Indian states unlike Baahubali treated as a South Indian movie publicized aggressively in North for Hindi version.

So, it can be an exhilarating game plan Krish and team should work on. While Baahubali marketing team succeeded in selling a South product beyond our expectations in North, an absolute reverse gamble should pay if Manikarnika finds a place in Southern trade. Isn’t this a different ball-game for Krish?

If he triumphs on, we might have one more Baahubali on cards because history connects well all over if presented with grandeur and authenticity.