Krish Is Different From Other Directors


Director Krish is undoubtedly one of the creative and talented directors in the industry. Usually, the shooting of the movies with historical backdrop will take longer than the regular films. The directors take at least one year for completing such projects. But Krish is unlike others.

Wrapping up the project as soon as possible high quality is the speciality of Krish. His period film ‘Kanche’ took just 5 months to get completed. The high budget ‘Gautami Putra Satakarni’ movie starring Balakrishna created a record by completing the shooting in just 79 days. The same happened with the NTR biopic as well. Though the movie was announced a long time ago, initially, Teja was supposed to be the director but he opted out of the project in April and Krish got on board and started the shooting of ‘NTR’ in June. Now the movie is all set to get released in January next year. Not only one part, but both the parts are going to get released in January. Making a movie based on the story that happened a few decades ago is not a cakewalk.

He completed both the parts in just 6 months and managing the post-production works as well. We can say that Krish has become a pro at time management. Though he wraps up the projects soon, he won’t compromise in terms of quality and the audience are expecting the same from ‘NTR’ as well.

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