Krish opting young heroes for his next


KrishDirector Krish is in full form now.  Even though he is a talented director, there was criticism on him that he can not make commercial hits. He gave a perfect answer to the critics with the success of Balakrishna’s 100th film Gautami Putra Satakarni. With the success of GPSK, expectations raised on his upcoming film.

It is known that Krish team has officially revealed that Krish is going to direct Venkatesh. But the project got stalled due to the copyright issues.  On the other hand, there were reports that Krish will revive his project ‘Rayabari’. There is no confirmation on Rayabari till now. Apart from these projects, Krish has recently revealed that he will make biopics on Sri Krishna Devaraya.. Gautama Buddha.. these projects take some time to materialize. So Krish said to have made up his mind to make a film with young heroes or newcomers.

Krish said to be planning a multi-starrer with two successful young heroes.  If they are not eager to do a multi-starrer then Krish will go ahead with newcomers. When it comes to content, Krish will make sure that his film will have commercial elements unlike his theme based movies earlier.  It is a welcome change from Krish because, commercial success is also important along with content.