Krishna Vamsi Can Never Forget Him


Brahmaji565Gaining stardom in the film industry is not a cake walk. It is not everyones cup of tea to score huge numbers at the box office. There are so many people in Tollywood who followed the directors days and nights to get chance in movies.  One such actor who became very successful now is Brahmaji. In a recent interaction with media, he shared the problems he faced in the initial days of her career.

Brahmaji who is very close to Krishna Vamsi shared an incident about him. “When Krishna Vamsi was struggling in his career, i have never helped him with a single penny. He likes to stay hungry than extending his hand before someone. That is his character and never shares his agonies with anyone. Once we met accidentally and kept on talking. After some time i realised the time and felt hungry. So i asked him to tag me along for lunch. That’s when i found out that he hasn’t ate anything in the past two days.

Because of his troubles he thought of leaving the industry and go back home. But stayed there for one day as a final attempt. So, he always remembers me and tries to cast me in his movies.” Said Brahmaji. He stated that Krishna Vamsi even offered the hero role to Brahmaji in his movie.