Kristen Stewart texts Robert Pattinson and his rumoured girlfriend Riley Keough


Kristen-StewartActress Kristen Stewart reportedly sent a message to her ex-boyfriend, actor Robert Pattinson and his rumoured girlfriend Riley Keough, to find out if they are dating.

Pattinson is said to be dating late singer Elvis Presley’s actress granddaughter Keough, who also worked with Stewart in The Runaways. And Stewart is clearly not happy about it. “Kristen is furious and has texted Rob and called Riley to find out what is going on, but apparently none of her calls have been answered,” a website quoted a source as saying.

Pattinson is believed to have first met Keough through Stewart. “Rob only knows Riley because of Kristen. Now they’ve been inseparable in the last few weeks and have been having low key dates at his Los Angeles home,” the source said.

The source said Kristen is seething even though she understands things are over between her and Rob. “But to see him now dating one of her closest friends is just too much for her to deal with and seeing the pictures really hurt her,” the source added.

Stewart split from Pattinson for the second time in May, after he discovered she had been back in contact with her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, with whom she had a short affair last year.