Kusa and his ‘Upma’ Jokes!


Kusa-and-his-Upma-JokesJr. NTR is coming as Jai, Lava and Kusa with a triple role in his next movie, Jai Lava Kusa. While, the character of Jai is getting tremendous response, Lava and Kusa are not being so much loved by the fans too. In fact, if there is any downer for the movie’s positive buzz, then that is Kusa.

In the teaser, itself the jokes featuring Kusa seemed to be too old and many thought that might just be something that makers thought off releasing as a small tease. But when they extended that joke in Theatrical Trailer, many felt that Kusa character is too routine for an actor like Jr. NTR.

The actor has gained maximum positive buzz with Jai character but Kusa has become a more “Immigration” sorry, “Irritation” for the fans. You see there, these kind of jokes are known as “upma” jokes in the Industry circles and they have become too old to the new generation these days. Kona Venkat, who always claimed that he updates himself asa  writer should have concentrated more on this too. Anyways, as the movie team predicted, Jai has become the flavour of the movie and we have to see, how much will he impress in the film!