A lady laced in Gold!


To you remember the Lovely girl? Yeah, the cute bubbly glam doll who also acted in Sushanth’s Adda. Still did not get the name .. think .. think once more… Okay, we will reveal the name, it is Shanvi. The young actress has decided to pursue her career seriously in Telugu but after three to four films, she stopped getting many opportunities, so she shifted her focus to Kannada.

All of a sudden, she appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. As the Dussehra season is about to begin, we can safely say that Lovely, Shanvi has become Homely, Shanvi by wearing a silk saree and all the jewellery that girls and women dare to dream about. Many on social media are unable to believe that it is Shanvi and they are sharing this pic.

Also, women are going crazy about the jewellery the actress has worn. See, not just highly glamorous photos these kind of Homely pics too, can get the attention of the social media folks. Shanvi, at present is doing three Kannada films and looking to make a comeback in Telugu too. Let’s see of some director will find her more attractive and give her a chance.  A-lady-laced-in-Gold