Lakshmi’s double meaning comments about Rana


Manchu Lakshmi is known to be bonding well with all the celebrities of Tollywood. She makes her presence during award events and talk shows. The actress is not much active in films and she has been busy with a web series which is under shoot currently. Manchu Lakshmi along with her close friend Taapsee Pannu made her presence for Rana’s talk show No 1 Yaari with Rana.

Taapsee during the show said “Lakshmi, I will propose to Rana who has a big heart, big muscle”. For this Manchu Lakshmi made some shocking comments saying “I don’t want to know what else is big with Rana”. This left the viewers in deep shock for the double entendre comments made by the actress. Manchu Lakshmi has been widely criticised across social media for the comments made on Rana.