Last hope for Regina in Tollywood!


Regina-CassandraActresses do tend to have very very negligible shelf life and with one or two flops they could even be forced to leave the industry even though they might have had a good start. Many actresses who appeared to have everything going for them had to bite the dust. Regina Cassandra too rapidly added herself to the list. After being part of successful films like Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham, Subramanyam for Sale and acting with heroes like Gopichand, Ravi Teja she looked all set to go the distance and become even bigger in her position.

But now the lady is in no position of power or popularity as her films flopped at box office and even her decision to concentrate on Tamil more has helped in her sudden disappearance from Telugu movies. Her last Telugu film, Nakshatram directed by Krishna Vamsi is in financial woes as per the sources and there is no confirmation about the release of the movie. With looks she also had acting skills that should have proved to be her plus points but she lost all brownie points these days.

She just appeared in one film, Nagaram, a Tamil dubbed film with Sandeep Kishan this year and the movie failed too. Now, she got a chance to prove her mettle again with a new movie besides a debutant actor Dilip Prakash. Arjun Sai is directing the movie and soon the movie will go on floors. Well, Regina needs this movie to work big time for her Telugu film career to go forward. In Tamil she has few films and there she looks covered for at least an year!