Leaked Pics: Rana’s Brother With Sri Reddy


All hell is breaking loose. Actress Sri Reddy, who has been making headlines for the last few days with the sensational ‘leaks’ of her casting couch experiences, has leaked a few intimate pictures with top producer Suresh Babu’s younger son, Rana’s brother Abhiram Daggubati.

Three photographs of Sri Reddy and Abhiram have been leaked online and are going viral. One of the photographs showcase Sri Reddy and Abhiram kissing each other on their lips, while the other two pictures show them hugging tightly.

Naturally, these photographs are sending shockwaves across Tollywood and many are wondering if more shocks are in store in near future. On the other hand, there are also theories that these so called leaked pictures could have been morphed to add more spice to Sri Reddy’s controversies.