Leaks Have Hurt The Bigg Boss Finale Too


Bigg Boss Season 2 management couldn’t come up with a good plan to tackle the leaks. Many things that should have remained secret leaked out days before on social media and that lead to press coverage as well.

So, almost everyone knew before hand what will happen on every Saturday and Sunday and even Finale episode wasn’t any different. Thanks to Kaushal Army that majority glued to TV sets to watch the moment their favourite is crowned with the title.

The information about Venkatesh coming to Bigg Boss, Kaushal’s selfie with trophy have come out in open even before the telecast.

The suspense of who will win? Who will be eliminated? Had been nullified by the leaks and Star Maa couldn’t do anything about it.

We have to wait and see, how will the management tackle all this for their next season? Will they take it to some other location like first season?

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