Let’s Remind Modi Is A MAN – Koratala Siva


Not just advocating goodness through films but if one lives up to that in his real life, definitely he’s a MAN. And Koratala Siva proves to be one. He lived up to what he has preached through CM Bharath in “Bharat Anu Nenu” and asked even the Prime Minister to become a MAN.

Other day with Central Minister Arun Jaitley clarifying that bifurcated residue Andhra Pradesh will not be given any Special Status but only some package, the whole of Andhraites and Telugu people from Telangana also felt very sad. With BJP going back on their poll promise, it’s a true shocker for all. But will our politically inclined and hiding celebs open up on this? Koratala did.

“Let’s all make @narendramodi ji a MAN by reminding his promise to Andhra Pradesh. Do u honestly feel that Telugu states are a part of India sir?” tweeted Koratala Siva, directly giving a reference to his Bharat Anu Nenu teaser where the ‘vision’ is said to be living like a MAN by living up to a promise given to anyone.

More than #VisionOfBharat, now we may say that this is the vision of Koratala and many youngsters might get impressed as well. But the big question is, will the hero of his film support his vision in real life too? Will his other teammates demand the same for AP? Let’s see.