Like Nayan.. Like Sonam…


Nayantara, the Lady Superstar of Tamil Cinema, has decided to leave her personal life has a puzzle book that anyone can try to decode and solve but she won’t come out in public.

She did have very vocal and public relationships in past but now, she is secretive yet not so secretive about her relationship with director, Vignesh Shivn.

Both spent time together during her birthday and those pics of them in each other’s company, during her birthday in Foreign lands, have gone viral too.

They attended to funeral of Late CM, Amma, Jayalalitha together, but still they did not come out in open about their relationship.

Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor’s daughter and an actress, too chose to keep her relationship with her beau, Anand Ahuja an open secret.

She doesn’t talk about it much in the open but she got permission from her parents for the wedding it seems.

The couple have come together to watch Sridevi’s body, their family member. Well, easier were those times, when celebrities just shared at least important things in their lives without being too afraid about paparazzi.