Lovely Nandamuri Couple


Taraka Ratna is one of the heroes from Nandamuri family. Even though he couldn’t make it big in the film industry, he is very popular among the Telugu audience, Nandamuri fans in particular.  Apart from films, he is known for his cricketing talent.  He is popular but maintains low-profile when it comes to his personal life.

In a recent development, Taraka Ratna and his wife Alekhya Reddy photograph surfaced in the social media.  Taraka Ratna appeared in a grey colour suit and  his wife Alekhya appeared in a traditional green colour saree with matching ornaments.  The couple gave a lovely pose with a pleasant smile.

The couple got married on 2012 and they have a 4-year-old daughter Nishka.  Theirs was a love marriage as per the reports and both families were against their marriage as Alekhya was a divorcee and Taraka Ratna comes from a filmy background. One would surely say the couple is ‘made for each other’ if they watch the above pic.  What say folks?Lovely-Nandamuri-Couple