Lover boy claims it as ‘hat-trick’ hit


Critics have panned his third movie to the death, but lover boy hero claims he has scored a hat-trick. A paper advert released by the producers became a huge discussion in Film Nagar now.

Naga Shaurya is the guy everyone is talking about. His debut flick “Oohalu Gusa Gusalade” is a runaway hit. His second film “Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya” is an acclaimed movie but a commercial failure. His third movie is “Jadoogadu” directed by Yogesh. The film received brickbats from critics and labelled as a flop.

However, producers have released a new ad in the press claiming that Naga Shourya has scored a hat-trick hit. We have to see how critics are going to accept this advertisement. Even if Jadoogadu is a hit, Diikulu Choodakau wasn’t. So, no question of hat-trick.  Lover-boy-claims-it-as----hat-trick----hit-1634