Madhu Priya is getting trolled everywhere!


Madhu-Priya-is-getting-trolSampoornesh Babu has been in the headlines ever since, Telugu Bigg Boss has started. He is a live wire who makes people laugh at the drop of the hat. But him being so depressed and even crying in the Bigg Boss has become a major news and surprise for many. His exit from the show also surprised many. Now, with Sampoo completely out of Bigg Boss discussion about him as also stopped on social media. But the concentration has been shifted to Singer Madhu Priya.

The young girl has earned a lot of name for her song as an youngster and also her marriage going against her parents wishes also gave her an image of a strong person and confident young woman. But the young lady has been crying ever since she entered the Bigg Boss house and NTR did try to tell her how important are the tears. Still the singer has been crying loads and loads everyday.

Well, Social media is busy trolling her just for that. The jokes and memes have been increasing with each day. If someone is saying she is supplying water to Bigg Boss house with her tears another person has joked that Mark Zuckerberg has kept Madhu Priya’s crying face for cry emoji. The whatsapp forwards are also been increasing and we have to see, if the girl changes and becomes more stronger as the show goes on.