Madhur Bhandarkar wants leniency


Indu-SarkarAs Madhur  Bhandarkar’s film Indu Sarkar, inspired by the Emergency, goes to the Central Bureau for Film Certification (CBFC), the director wants the bureau to go easy on the film. “I want the board to have a moderate opinion of the film and go lenient on it. People have already started burning effigies and creating controversies for publicity but I want the youth of India to know what happened nearly four decades ago during the Emergency.  They will get a summary of what happened during the period,” he says.

Madhur believes that every filmmaker has a fundamental right. “Someone claiming to be Sanjay Gandhi’s daughter comes up and says she wants to see the film. Sanjay Nirupam from the Congress says that as well. Jagdish Tytler is asking to see the film to see if his image is fine. There is no end to this. I will not show the film to anyone till the film is certified. If anyone wants to see the film let them go and see the film in the theatres. The film is not a docu-drama or a biopic. It is a work of fiction,” says Madhur. Kirti Kulhari, the heroine who plays the role of Indu, says she is not stressed. “Madhur is capable of handling such things. I am not really bothered about the controversies. When we are doing the film, we knew that questions will be raised. My character is totally fictional. As an actor, I am not against any political party. There is no agenda behind me doing this film,” she says.