Mahanati Sets To Be Retained


Normally, in a filmmaking process, producers invest money on constructing sets required for film and then they destruct them after paying the final rents to the studio owners.

But Ramoji Film City is also a tourist place and hence, to add on the attractions of the place, they are retaining popular film sets constructed in their studio.

They have retained Baahubali sets with blue matte cloth, do that people will know how much of Mahishmathi is constructed and how much is then added in Visual Effects.

Also, people visit the set and feel like they are part of Baahubali Universe for few moments. This has become a huge attraction for tourists too.

Well, this prompted the RFC people to ask Mahanati makers to retain the sets like Savitri’s house that they have constructed for few key scenes in the film.

They will allow the tourists to walk into the house after the film releases and the team is confident that the movie will be a good hit.

U Kodathara Ulliki Padathara, Rangasthalam, Manam and Jyo Atchyuthananda sets have been retained by makers and studio owners to give them on rent and allow them to be modified for other films.