Mahanati: What An Extraordinary Attempt!


Keerthy Suresh starrer Mahanati hit the screens on May 9 and received positive reports from the audience. It’s an extraordinary, heart touching and an honest attempt from the makers.

It is a common practice real stories of eminent personalities are twisted to ensure proper melodrama carved in biopics. However, Savitri’s life story doesn’t need any such twists and turns in the story. Her life, itself, has all emotions which touch our hearts and make our eyes moist.

Nag Ashwin has done a splendid job portraying the exact characterization of Savithri through Keerthy Suresh’s role in Mahanati. You will surely get emotional when Savitri sheds two drops of tears through her left eye for ‘Neekosamene Jeevinchunadi’ song from Mayabazar. And of course, that’s the intro scene of Keerthy Suresh’ in Savitri’s character.

Savitri’s love story with Gemini Ganesan, her marriage with him and her frustration after having separated from her husband were shown exactly how the things had happened then. While, showcasing the true story of legendary actress, the screen play turned slow pace which didn’t even bother the director and which is why it can be said a genuine attempt.

Samantha and Vijay Devarakonda’s love track also appears pleasant. All in all, Mahanati is a great attempt and can be said one of the best biopics of Tollywood.