Mahesh Appears With Beard Look


Superstar Mahesh is gearing up for his landmark 25th film under the director of Vamsi Paidipally. Already various locations across the globe are scouted for the film and soon the unit will kick start first schedule at a hill station in India. Here is the shocker.

It looks like Mahesh has taken the criticism that he’s not experimenting with his looks very seriously. Earlier he has only altered his hairstyles and costumes to look different, but now for #Mahesh25 he has taken things into hands and want to present himself in the newest way. And his presence at the airport says the same.

Wrapping his exotic holiday in Paris and Spain where he has spent nearly a month, Mahesh has now returned to Hyderabad. And when we people saw him at the airport, they are just shocked to see him with fully grown beard look. Never in his career, the Superstar sported this look and if he’s doing it for his next film, definitely its going to be the Mother of all styles.

Almost all the star heroes including Jr NTR, Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan also appeared in bearded looks for films in the recent times, and now that Mahesh is joining the league, film lovers are celebrating his arrival.