Mahesh babu daughter Sitara Enjoying in Farm House


Sitara-Enjoying-in-Farm-HouTollywood sweety Anushka Shetty’s latest release Bhaagamathie has been doing exceptionally well at the box office. The dialogue from the movie “Yevadu padithe vadu ravadaniki epudu padithe apudu povadaniki idemanna pasuvula dodda? Bhaagamathie Adda” became very popular. On the other hand Mahesh Babu’s little princess Sitara, indeedwent into an Animal Farm.

Amidst beautiful greenery, Sitara posed cutely standing in front of a calf drinking milk from cow. It seems like Sitara is enjoying the beautiful location and the animals whereas her doting mother Namrata Shirodkar instantly captured the moment in her camera. She stated that kids should learn the fundamental elements first and which is why she took her to a farmhouse. She added that all those animals are also part of their family and the calf is a their newest addition.

She said that the love between the mother and child will always be the same even in animals and the farm life is really very nice. Adorable Sitara does seem to be very happy. The other celebrities who likes farm life are Ram Charan & Upasana, Bunny and family. Not only cows but they also pet horses as well.