Mahesh babu fires on Gunashekar


Mahesh-babu-fires-on-GunashMahesh Babu who always handles every matter in a cool manner turned angry this time , he showed his other side of real life to Gunashekar. Going deep into story , Gunashekar who planned to make a film with Anushka also planned few big guest roles in this flick , Rana was already set with a character in this film.

He also planned to launch Mahesh in to this story and reaches London where Mahesh is carrying on his shoot of Nenokkadine. Gunashekar explains him the whole story of his character which deals with a king who works under Rani rudramadevi that is Anushka. Hearing this line mahesh was shocked and replied him politely , If i do such roles like working under Anushka fans wont be able to digest so you choose someone better.

Gunashekar who thought of convincing him to make sure a big star would land in his big project continued asking mahesh about film, Mahesh who stays cool got angry this time and replies him why did you plan such a funny movie with me and Mahesh clarified Gunashekar that he is not at all ready to do that film. This shocking reaction from Mahesh shocked Gunashekar and he started searching for a new star for that role.

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