Mahesh Babu is open, are others the same?


Mahesh-BabuThe point came to convex now, as Superstar Mahesh divulged his heart out. He doesn’t have any qualms or inhibitions to team up with other big stars of the podium including Pawan Kalyan, or any other hero. This led to a cirtical chirping in the filmdom.

Time and again, this Dookudu star maintained that he is open to team up with anyone in the film industry. However no other big hero has announced such stuff, but only blamed directors for not getting such scripts. Mahesh has openly declared that he’s ready to work with any hero, and it will be high point if others too reciprocate the same. Then only Tollywood will be able to see multi-starrer films so often and 100 crore ‘share’ will be a simple possibility.

Hope stars will respond to Mahesh’s call and makes writers and directors come up with multi-starrer films that entice fans.