Mahesh babu satire on TV Anchor


Mahesh-Babu“Bumiki Janadu leevu, neenu ninchunte first lo ninchuunnattu ilaa chusthunnav , yedava pitta mokam yesukoni”. Do you remember all these dialogues ? Yes they all are from Mahesh babu film and this shows how good he can deliver satires and punch dialogues silently. Well entering into buzz recently we mentioned that TV anchor Omkar role is used in Aagadu movie and here is an exclusive news regarding this news.

Mahesh babu will have scenes regarding his reality shows and Mahesh will satire on  this anchor. Entire an episode is planned for Omkar spoof in Aagadu movie and Srinu vytla who is good in entertaining people delivers his best for this scenes says film nagar. Srinu vytla is planning this to be the highlight scene of Aagadu.

Meanwhile Mahesh babu Aagadu scenes are being shot in Ramoji film city and Tamanna is starig this film. Mahesh will be playing as Police role and Tamman too for the first time in her career plays a Police role. It is heard that Mahesh will play as S.I and a full fledged comedy is promised by film unit.