Mahesh Babu Six pack In Spyder


mahesh-SPYDERSeveral discussions are going on in the social media ever since first look of Mahesh23.. ‘Spyder’ released.  Let us keep aside the reactions on the first look for some time. There are speculations going on that Mahesh is going to appear in six pack in this spy thriller.

Speculations of Mahesh appearing in six pack are not new at all.  There were several reports at the time of ‘1-Nenokkadine’ that Mahesh getting ready to thrill the fans with his six pack look.  But Mahesh himself revealed in an interview later that he attempted to do six pack, but somehow he stepped back.  Coming to the present, Mahesh is appearing uber cool as a spy in ‘Spyder’.  Going by his look it is clearly evident that he is extremly fit..and fitter than before.  Speculations started doing rounds after the first look release that Mahesh is going to appear in six pack in ‘Spyder’.

The funny part here is.. who is going to give clarity on his six pack appearance ? As the filmmakers are tightlipped about the each and every detail related to the film, fans have to wait for some more time to get some clarity on his six pack.