Mahesh Babu Starting His Own Production House


mahesh-babuTollywood hero Prince Mahesh Babu is one of the most handsome stars in Telugu film industry. In present generation, Mahesh has huge fan following in youth. It is a known fact that Mahesh Babu always kept off screen in audio launches. He likes to spend his free time with family rather than improving his business.

Currently, Mahesh is likely to start his own production house. Pawan Kalyan is working on this way with Director Trivikram. On this feature, Actor Mahesh too may join up with 14 reels entertainment. 14 reels entertainment produced 3 films with Mahesh Babu. Now one more film is going to be started after Aagadu.

Prince Mahesh Babu may further start a relation with 14 reels entertainment asking for partnership. This feature may help Mahesh Babu in competing with Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Let us see whether Mahesh join up with 14 reels entertainment and build his own productions house or not..?