Mahesh Babu wants Sitara to become scientist


Mahesh-Babu-wants-Sitara-toAttending a couple of charity events in the city, Superstar Mahesh Babu is at his candid best when answering certain questions posed by media folks. As we are always fond for his reserved nature, the actor says that he is never reserved but he’s just not so outspoken and doesn’t know unnecessary hype.

Talking about his friends and family, Mahesh asserted that he hasn’t had pretty good childhood friends in Hyderabad as he studied in Chennai. But he revealed that Sreenu Vytla and Trivikram Srinivas are his good friends from the industry. Coming to family, Mahesh  felt happy for son Gowtham’s screen debut this year, and then what about his daughter Sitara if she wants to become a film star? “I’m thinking to make her a scientist”, laughs Mahesh.