Mahesh Babu’s 3 Million Dream Cut Short


Mahesh-Babu-agreed-to-do-thKing of USA box office, is what people call Mahesh Babu. He’s having no looking back there, as he could score big even with a flop film of his. For that reason, his latest blockbuster Srimanthudu is expected to spin some fortunes, but it got cut short of its mighty dream.

All these days, pulling his films into mighty 1 Million Dollar club is a opening-soda-lid kind of easy for Mahesh. Then he created this mighty 2 Million Dollar club with Srimanthudu while Baahubali surpassed 4 Million mark anyway. It is expected that Srimanthudu will make its way into 3 Million Dollar Club at least, but that failed to stand realised. Nearly after five weeks after its run at USA box office, the film managed the great figure $ 2,882,809 (Rs19.26 cr) from USA Box office. Currently the film is running at 6 theatres across USA and pulling 3 Million feat is quite tough.

Anyway, Srimanthudu proved that films with good content not just entertain audiences but also inspire them to follow the goodness shown inside the flick. #CelebritiesAdoptingVillages.