Mahesh Babu’s appeal to Movie Lovers


Mahesh-BabuMahesh Babu who is currently enjoying the success of ‘Srimanthudu’ made an appeal to the movie lovers Today. What is it? & Why he has done so at this point of time?

After getting a tip-off about ‘Srimanthudu’ piracy, Mahesh Babu responded: “A movie is an experience to be had in a theatre Dont miss it. Enjoy my films on the big screen. I urge all my fans and all the people who love watching movies to help kill piracy”.

Superstar waged war against Piracy for the first time post the release of his film ‘Arjun’. It was only then he realised the scale of the damage this virus has been causing to the film industry.

On the other hand, There is no stopping for Srimanthudu’s dream run in Nizam territory. In just 5 days, The film raked in Rs 12.78 crore here (Break-up: Day 1 – Rs 5.09 crore, Day 2 – Rs 2.21 crore, Day 3 – Rs 2.21 crore, Day 4 – Rs 1.94 crore, Day 5 – Rs 1.33 crore).