Mahesh Gifts Bharat Ane Nenu Team


Mahesh Babu and many actors, when they feel happy about a movie, they tend to give gifts to directors and co-stars of the movie.

Majorly, directors and actors receive such costly gifts but the other technicians and assistants, who might work even harder, just get their name mentioned in thank you speeches and may have a special regard during next project.

Mahesh decided to show his appreciation with a gift. He wanted to even recognise the efforts of Assistant directors of his new movie, Bharat Ane Nenu.

Siva Koratala has been highly confident about this movie and Mahesh too expressed his confidence at the pre-release event.

Generally, gifting process starts after the movie release but this time, Mahesh and Namrata, his wife, gave iPhone X as gifts to all Assistant directors of Siva Koratala, who worked for Bharat Ane Nenu, with a special thank you note.

Well, this will definitely become a trend if the movie becomes a huge success as everyone is expecting.