Mahesh interferes in Renu Desai’s second marriage issue!


Renu-DesaiJana Sena Chief and Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s wife in the recent times expressed need to have a companion in her life. She did not tell she’s going to remarry but seriously said that she found need for companion.

Her statement upset Pawan’s fans who asked her to not take any radical decision of marrying again. Some fans said that they’d lose the respect they have on her if she were to remarry too.

While this has angered Renu who expressed her feeligs about the narrow minded culture prevalent in the society, now film critics Mahesh Katthi who irked Pawan’s fans in the recent times too made comments on PK fans!

He questioned fans to not interfere in Renu Desai’s personal life and questioned the need to get upset if she wanted to marry again. He questioned the perverted emotions of Pawan’s fans and their stupidity in trying to control them.

We have to wait if fans have a reply to Mahesh’s outburst!