Mahesh Kathi attacks Pawan Kalyan again


Mahesh-Kathi-Pawan-KalyanPower Star Pawan Kalyan enjoys huge Fan following and many times his fans irritated various celebrities with their behavior by stalling speeches till they chant Pawan Kalyan’s name on stage.

It seems Mahesh Kathi, film critic who shot to fame with Bigg Boss Telugu version is losing temper with the behavior of Pawan Kalyan Fans. It is known that sometime back Mahesh Katti made some controversial comments on Pawan.

This attracted the wrath of Pawan Kalyan Fans who started abusing him on social media. Till that controversy no one knew about Mahesh Katti but Pawan Kalyan Fans made him a celebrity with their actions. Seems Mahesh found shortcut to stardom.

After attacking Hyper Aadi for his comedy skit in Jabardasth show, he attacked Power Star once again. Participating in a channel discussion, he asked Pawan Kalyan to respond on his Fans behavior after they targeted him on social media.

‘Pawan played a safe game by remaining silent and this shows Pawan himself is silently encouraging his fans wicked acts,’ Kathi said. It has to be seen how Fans will react to this new allegation.