Mahesh Kathi Should Work With JanaSena – Harshavardhan


The writer, actor, music director and director, Harshavardhan who immortalised Amrutham, with his comic timing, talked about Mahesh Kathi and Casting couch issues in reference to Pawan Kalyan fans.

He said, “My heart goes out to all those who cried on TV about sexual harrasment. I would always tell them to not be in a hurry to make allegations on someone.

Take Mahesh Kathi, he knew that a small actress would be speaking against him but when she supported someone whom he is against, he thought that a big head is behind her and filed a defamation case for Rs. 50 lakhs.

So, my request to every women actress out there is to be strong in facing vulture and don’t make plain allegations even if it is true, without proofs.

I know Mahesh Kathi, so I am telling this to Pawan Kalyan fans. Yes, he is poking at your emotion, but if he is pointing out that Pawan should work on this issue, then that will give kore mileage and scope of correction for JanaSena.

I do agree that there is a certain way of saying things and we cannot expect everyone to react like us. This needs to be understood by Fans and Mahesh Kathi.

If I have the access to Pawan Kalyan, I would suggest him to take Kalyan Sunkara and Mahesh Kathi into party. U would give Mahesh Kathi the under-privilazed and rural development wing in the party. He came from such background and a well-educated person, who knows law. He will do better help than damage. But he and fans need to a common ground where he is not insinuating them and they are not after his life, “concluded the writer.