Mahesh Koneru Accepts Naa Nuvve Movie Failure


When a movie becomes a disaster at the box office no producer will accept it. Even if the actors agree that the movie became a failure, the producer will try to cover it up. But the new generation producers are open in their statements and accepting the failures.

It is known that ‘Officer’ movie producer has accepted the failure of the film. Now, Kalyan Ram movie ‘Naa Nuvve’ producer Mahesh Koneru also accepted the failure of the film. Mahesh Koneru has worked as PRO to NTR for several years and he has vast experience in the media as well. He turned producer for ‘Naa Nuvve’. Ad filmmaker Jayendra directed the movie and Tamannah is the heroine. The movie didn’t impress the audience and it has received disaster talk on the first day itself.

Responding to the failure, Mahesh Koneru tweeted that “Yes. It has been painful. Yes. It has been very disappointing. Because we tried with all our hearts. Everyone does. And we’ll keep trying again. For the love of cinema is what drives us and because we live to fight another day. And this time, we’ll do better. And we’ll work harder. To all those who’ve been very supportive, a big thanks. Life moves on.”