Mahesh Made Kaushal


Kaushal-Gives-Bigg-Boss-title-Credit-to-Mahesh-BabuKushal is almost an unknown actor until Bigg Boss season 2 happened. He was acting in serials and continuing his businesses in Hyderabad and various other places.

He came to Bigg Boss as a known TV actor but not even remotely as popular as Tanish or Shyamala or Tejaswi or Amit. But today, he is the biggest celebrity and hot TV star as he could get support of crores of Telugu people.

He has an Army now and he wants to continue on this momentum. The actor revealed a very interesting story about his early days at a news channel interview.

He shared, “I was also part of Rajakumarudu with Mahesh Babu. During the time, he encouraged me to go out and set up a modeling agency. The first one in Hyderabad and K. Raghavendra Rao garu also helped me. It is because of them, I am still in Hyderabad and could come to BB. I have to thank them immensely for this.”

Mahesh fans are all now supporting Kaushal and wishing him all the success in his future endeavors.

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