Mahesh Opens Up About Six Pack Body


Mahesh-Babu-2Mahesh Babu is actively promoting the film SPYder that is releasing on the coming Wednesday. Already, there is a good buzz on the film and we have come to know that the makers are trying to come up with an emotional film driven by some intense action. Meanwhile, Mahesh has become candid while answering the questions of the media.

Few people have asked him why is he opposed to showing his body and Mahesh has got a clever answer for that. Mahesh revealed that he is ready to do that but added that he must be convinced for the same. Mahesh indicated that he is even ready to sport a six pack body but said that the director must convince him to sport the look.

Talking about his family, Mahesh said that his life is revolving around his kids now. Mahesh also told the media that Namratha does a lot of research before Mahesh signs a brand endorsement.