Mahesh Proved It, Charan Proved Again


bruceMaking people bakras and setting second half in a house, along with silly punch lines, funny looking ‘praasa’ words and Brahmi This is the skeleton, body and blood of all Sreenu Vaitla and Kona Venkat’s films. Does this formula has any expiry date??

Mahesh Babu has risked all the way to prove that the Sreenu Kona formula has reached an expiry date. For that he has done “Aagadu”, proving to the world that this formula will have no more takers. But suddenly Ram Charan has come again into picture to prove that this formula expired long back. He proved it for the second time with “Bruce Lee”. Will Sreenu and his writer gems change their game at least now? Or still Kona keeps saying that they are writing what people are liking to watch?

Probably people are watching this routine comedy (read Loukyam and Pandaga Chesko) especially when there are no other films to entertain them, and also with a pity on these small heroes that they have no hits in the recent past. But the very same audiences won’t encourage big heroes doing that routine stuff.