Mahesh Will Go To Bollywood


mahesh-and-namrataBig news coming in. Superstar Mahesh Babu hasn’t ruled out his Bollywood debut and he has his plans to go to Hindi. And it’s corroborated by none other than his better half, actress Namrata Shirdokar. “Mahesh has been getting innumberable offers from Bollywood. But it didn’t happen for various reasons. Either due to script or the director…we got stuck. When the good script come along with the good director, he will do a film,” said Namrata.

What’s more? She made it clear that Mahesh’s Hindi is good and he could make it. “He can speak Hindi well,” shared Namrata. Now that it has come from horse’s mouth, it’s time for die-hard fans to celebrate.

In the past, on several occasions, Mahesh tried to turn down when anyone asked him about his Bollywood debut. He kept on saying that still he has a lot to do in Telugu. Now, it seems, there is a little change of mind on that front. Unlike before, Mahesh now seems to be open to Bollywood as none other than Namrata said it. It’s certainly a great news for Mahesh’s fans.