Mahesh’s Bullet Dialogue For Heroine


mahesh-Babu-DialogueYou can desire to see a gun, but you should not dare to see a bullet. Because you’ll be dead after that’, is a dialogue of Superstar Mahesh from the super hit Athadu. Simply ‘Gun choodalanuko, tappudledu. Kaani bullet choodalani anukoku, chacchipotav’, is what it is actually.

Imitating super hit dialogues and writing some copies of them is a routing thing happening in Tollywood. So here comes dusky siren Priyamani who is now saying Mahesh’s dialogue with some words altered. ‘Samudranni Choodalanuko, tappuledhu. Kaani tsunami choodalni anukoku, chacchipotav’, is what Priyamani says in the movie ‘Chandi’ that is due for release from a long time. Though there is no logical connection in this new dialogue, it seems like our makers are just fascinated by its imitation with Athadu dialogue. Because, in gun there is a bullet always, but when it comes to sea, tsunamis are not a regular phenomenon.

‘Cinema tiyyalani anukondi, tappu ledu. Kaani teesina cinemalanu copy kottalani anukokandi, flop avutaayi’, is what audiences are saying now. So, let us hope our makers know these reactions best before pushing their products on to people. – See more at: