Mahesh’s Casual Question On Pawan!! Why Ruckus?


Suppose if a producer who made a film with Pawan Kalyan meets another young hero. What would be the general question? The hero may ask, “Sir, how much money you made on that project? Sir, how did you handled the distributors as that film is a flop?” and so on. And what if such questions are blown out of proportion by TRP craving media folks?

Recently a producer who is involved in the distribution of Agnyaathavaasi is said to have met Mahesh Babu in connection with another project. As the producer is known to him from a time, surely the Superstar would have asked him about the losses incurred due to that Trivikram movie. While there is no authenticity about this meeting itself, now media folks started blowing a new trumpet.

They are busy publicising that Mahesh is inquiring about losses of Agnyaathavaasi movie for future reference. That’s as absurd as it could be, because after being so many years in the film industry, why would Mahesh need some gyaan on discussing losses? Don’t he know how to handle such situations? Okay, the idea here is to link Mahesh and Agnyaathavaasi, so they will make any comments.

“Generally if Mahesh meets any industry person, he talks about the happening things. That may range from Priya Varrier to Bunny’s Naa Peru Surya new poster, and the music of Rangasthalam to Oscars 2018 probable winners. So there is no big deal about it” says a person who works closely with Mahesh on PR related stuff.