Majili Director Surprises With His Other Talent!


Majili director, Shiva Nirvana made an impact with Nani starrer Ninnu Kori. He could re-imagine a regular love story, in his own style.

Now, with Majili, he is showing that he is not a one-time wonder and his lyrics for Yedetthu Mallellu song is a big proof.

His words and the meaning he wanted to convey through the song is really admirable. He made sure that the character essence won’t be lost like a professional.

Also, his style and choice of words are highly commendable. They lifted the song’s tune too.

Majili is scheduled for a release on 5th April. Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni are coming together for 4th time on-screen. Gopi Sundar composed music for the film.

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