Making Of 2.0: Takes Sci-Fi To Another Level!


Makers of ‘2.0’ unveiled a Making Video to showcase the efforts gone into the making of India’s costliest feature film ever. As many as 25 VFS Studios Worldwide, 1000 VFX Artists, 10 Concept Artists, 25 3D Designers and 500 Craftsmen have been working on this project for the past two years to present the vision of Shankar.

Altogether, ‘2.0’ will have 2,150 VFX Shots. This Sci-Fi Flick is a combination of Native 3D, Animatronics, 1300 Pre-Viz Shots, 1000 Complex VFX Shots, V-Cam Technology and Spidercam Systems and Lidar Scanning. Lead Cast & Key Technicians of ‘2.0’ are introduced with the new Making Video.

A Project of ‘2.0’ scale wouldn’t have materialized without a genius like Shankar. This visionary and expert craftsman deserves all the praise coming his way. Be ready to watch a visual spectacle very soon!


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