Is He Making Tholi Prema Again


Karunakaran-Sai-Dharam-TejMega nephew Sai Dharam Tej is trying very hard for a commercial hit.  He is getting ready to act in the direction of Karunakaran and the movie has been launched already.  Karunakaran who gave a break to Pawan Kalyan with ‘Tholi Prema’ is directing this film with Pawan’s nephew now.  Going by the Karunakaran’s speech about the film one would get an impression that they are making ‘Tholi Prema’ again.

He said that “Sai  Dharam will be different from his earlier film in this new love story.  The story not only deals with love but it will revolve around friends.. family.. and the thoughts of present generation youth.  Family audience, Telugu youth will own Sai Dharam with this film.   We can say that his character in this film is an extension of Pawan Kalyan role in ‘Tholi Prema.”

If anybody keenly observes the last line will get a doubt that Karunakaran is making ‘Tholi Prema’ again.   Karanakaran’s last film was ‘Chinnadana Neekosam’  and it was released in 2014.   He is saying that he worked for several years on the script of his latest film.. and he is confident that the story will impress the audience.  On the other hand, Sai Dharam’s latest film ‘Jawaan’ is in post production now.  ‘Jawaan’ is supposed to hit the screens on September 1 but the makers have postponed the release for unknown reasons.